H&J | Thought Bubble
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Thought Bubbles

About This Project

Thought Bubble is an interactive installation that invites you to play with giant levitating spheres. Initially coming to life as a playful reinvention of the office whiteboard, the product has since taken on a surprising number of functions. Thought Bubble can be used as ambient uplighting, levitating signage or as part of an immersive stage performance.


Thought Bubble is one in a series of installations developed by Harvey & John that exploit the Bernoulli Principle, which states that spheres will float on columns of high flow, low pressure air. The movement of each bubble is controlled via an app designed by Harvey & John. There are several functions available from static hovering, to choreographed sequences with multiple Thought Bubbles. The spherical base can even be tilted to a 45° angle whilst still levitating the bubble mid-air.