Harvey & John’s latest product, Pours, is a playful exploration of the traditional decanter. Pours is an innovative social tool and table centrepiece. The product extends the tasting experience with its slow, graceful bowing motion, offering a moment of reflection and stillness before pouring a perfect serving. Its captivating movement brings guests together over novel conversation and humour.


Every detail of the striking piece is deftly fine-tuned, and handcrafted to the highest quality by expert British engineers. Created with carefully chosen materials, Pours takes its users on a pilgrimage of engineering beauty.


Harvey & John partnered with spirit pioneers The Last Drop Distillers to exclusively launch Pours in their pop-up atelier at No 12 Piccadilly Arcade. The Last Drop Distillers find and bottle the world’s finest, rarest and most exclusive spirits, and welcomed Pours into their family to serve their latest release; Tom’s Blend.


A weight sensor detects the presence of a glass and the bowing motion is created simply by moving the liquid up the stem.